Thursday, March 5, 2015

Jodi Arias - What Kind Of Animal!

Chris Cooper – Poem at 190 Words


When I heard I was appalled
not at her, but at those four
who fell for her “wanting to live for humanity” scheme
so she could wear t-shirts,
start book clubs,
paint more oil paintings.

Nancy Grace says
if Charles Manson was on trial for death
the same would spare his life.

I think it’s because she’s a woman,

or they allowed their personal views
to get in the way,

or they’re brainwashed
by her sparrow-soft voice,
her new conservative appearance
of brown hair and glasses,

or they accepted her unfounded claims of abuse,

or they’re charmed
by what they believe is the woman,

or perhaps their issue is not of life or death
but if she’s even human.

You only sentence humans to death row.

Maybe the four saw past the façade
of a female human’s face.

Her diamond-shaped head
growing larger,
her neck raised high,
her forked tongue foaming the sap of death,
hissing through two teeth
springing up and down,
the rest of her body coiled,
her eyes no longer brown
but ravenously green,

looking at humanity
the way she looked at Travis.

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