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Chris Cooper – 289 Words
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*Poem written and granted copyright by Christal Rice Cooper
*Image embellishment copyright by Christal Rice Cooper 

Zelda Sings!
July 24, 1900 – March 10, 1948

I never died
only transfigured
from the middle-age woman
in the blazing kitchen
to the Trinity of the Holy God.

My life a new Bible
people now want to read.
Stories of me spreading
faster than Chinese Wisterias,
blossoming into even more literary
myth and life . . .

My paper dolls, now alive,
no longer have scars from abortions;
adorn dresses Rumplestilskin would be proud to wear,
and dance like the ballerinas at Carnage Hall.

My face a testimony to the Holy Spirit’s Power,
no longer scarred with eczema
but flawlessly beautiful.

Now, confidence no longer
through my fingers
as I inhabit my pink field,
resting on the holy hill of mirrors,
framed in black and white lace.

My brain now evaporates
into my artistic hands,
and I paint all the colors I never had before.

I paint our tree,
but this time there are no wedges
splintering us apart.

I no longer smell
morphine, embalming fluid, horse serum,
or mad mud,

but only veils of
frankincense, gold, and myrrh;

and his bandana
of pencils and tweed.

I now sit
on the largest branch of the magnolia tree,
its pink flowers still blossom,
even in winter,

its velvet green leaves,
softer than a butterfly’s wing,

the new resurrected me -
no longer the misunderstood artist
or the rejected prophetess

but a transfigured woman,
residing in the home we shared
on Felder Avenue -
the rose garden on one side,
the magnolia tree on the other.

Now all my senses grow young
year by year
as I lean against the magnolia tree,
blooming every flower of every color;
I make a wish for every shooting star
I sing!

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