Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Persona Poem: Joe DiMaggio Speaks About Marilyn Monroe . . .

Christal Rice Cooper

A Fiction Of The Rose
*Dedicated to Joe DiMaggio and Marilyn Monroe

I gave her the first rose
when she told how
she never knew her father
but dreamed Clark was her Daddy.

I bought her two roses of every color
when she said how much she
loved the Sisters’ reading
Noah’s Ark to her.

They found her body
with the phone against her ear.
I laid a dozen red roses on her casket,

and one rose
every year
for her grave.

When my  doctor said
I had six months to live,

I had only six months to find the
Perfect rose –
The garden red rose Babe Ruth had blessed by the Pope
and gave to his mother.

I went to Christie’s Auction House
but there was no rose.

I paid Babe Ruth’s grandson $1000
and held it in my palm, delicately,
as if it would shatter at one quiver.

I placed it on my nightstand
next to my favorite picture of her,
remembered how we read

The Hunchback of Notre Dame,
in bed, together, after making love.
She cried when Quasimado lay
against the dead Elsmeralda.

Now I dress in my most expensive suit
and stretch my long body
upon the bed, the rose on my chest.
I want to be ready the second I wake up

when she’ll be the first face I see.

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