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Poem Dedicated to Lady Diana July 1, 1961 - August 31, 1997

Christal Cooper – Poem 244 Words
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*Poem Copyright by Christal Rice Cooper 

Lady Diana
July 1, 1961 – August 31, 1997

You lived like a blade of grass.
Jewels were your sun,
your water sweet
as Eve’s navel
oranges, nourished
on Mother’s Nature green.

With Mother
you were fatherless.
With Father,
you were motherless.
With both
you were an orphan

going to St. Paul’s Cathedral.
Just so they’d see you.
Just so he’d see you.

And he did.
Falling down the stairs,
vomiting in the toilet,
praying so loud
your throat went dry,
your tongue salty-parched

as the fortune teller’s hands,

massaging your blue palms,
your jewel-burdened
fingers.  Which was worse?

God’s abandonment?
The conservative wolves at home?
The black land mines of your eyes
exploding in red, white , and blue?

They must have seen
your reflection in the dark
heard your groans.
The camera zoomed.
The lights flashed white.

And men in white
massaged your heart
so your blood would flow-
but it lay still, froze
in the Paris dark. 

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