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Poem Dedicated To SHARON MARIE TATE POLANSKI January 24, 1943 - August 9, 1969

Christal Rice Cooper

*Poem and drawing copyright by Christal Rice Cooper 


The name Joshua Tree was so named by a group of Mormon settlers who
Crossed the Mojave Desert in the mid-19th century.  The tree’s unique shape
Reminded them of a Biblical story in which the Prophet Joshua reaches his hands up to the sky in prayer.

She went to Joshua Tree
That’s where her friends gathered
Noah’s friends
The dog,

If she had a chance in the Garden of Eden
She wouldn’t bite the fruit
She was obedient.

Her mother wanted her to be a star
And she was
Miss Tiny Tot of Dallas, Texas.

Already then her skin was
Creamy vanilla
Mixed with dust
Of Adam’s rib

Her hair
A golden piece of sky in the setting sun.

When she learned of the child
She never doubted
She would have this baby

Her mother and sisters said
She thought she was going to have a girl
Because her parents had girls
Three of them.
Her husband didn’t know
Said he wanted a girl

She knew it was a boy
And it was.

White lace gown
Fragile hands

Teeth so white
As snow
From the Swiss Alps
Where they vacationed in winter.

A mixture
Of Katie Holmes, Marilyn, and Jackie O,
Like a bird

She thought little of Joshua Tree
She’d been there before
But somehow
A baby
Made the journey to Joshua Tree
All the more potent

Some things, she’d say,
Are so beautiful
That you can’t smile.

She loved
The living creature kicking inside her
She was not ashamed.

Growing up
She spoke the rosary
She quit without thinking
Her mother liked to think she at least thought about it.

And now that body
Is slashed
A hole in her womb
Where a baby no longer breathes.

Baby Paul Richard wrapped now
In a cloudy shroud
Placed within the dead arms
Of his mother.

Her first words,
Baby Paul’s first words. . . . . 

Her last words,
Baby Paul’s last words . . . . . 

 “Oh, Mommy.  Oh, Mother.”

The mother and son
Reaching hands up to the sky
In prayer.

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