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Tuesday, December 15, 2015

"Catching The Buffalo" Poem Dedicated To Sitting Bull . . .

Christal Cooper

*Poem Copyright by C.A. Cooper

Catching The Buffalo

         Dedicated to Sitting Bull
         1831 – December 15, 1890

Jumping Bull and Her-Holy-Door
saw the stars in the sky,
a sacred message from The Great Spirit.

a black bull with red eyes,
like her Her-Holy-Door
the birth of a son,
nine months later,
near the Grand River.

Ordained Slon-He
accompanied by the
black bull with red eyes 
who sits on the red ground,
when the sun rises and sets.

The black bull breathed into him
a victory over the Crow.
At age of 14 no longer Jumping Bull’s son,
but a warrior;
called Thanhanka Iyothanka,

a holy uttering only
the red-eyed buffalo,
and the Great Spirit could know.

He knows the buffalo’s eyes.
His pupils as large
as it is young.

The young should run, the old die,
unified with the red dirt. 

Thanhanka Iyothanka 
communes with buffalo
caressing its mighty thunder heart
the two of them roaming
the red palm of earth
as Adam and Eve once roamed,
following the Great Spirit's footsteps

to a garden.  But then
a warrior again
in what the white man called
Marmarth, North Dakota-

a small fish swimming.
a small hole,
a bullet through his back.

And Great Spirit wrestled him
as Yahweh wrestled Jacob
out of the garden
in the white man's Black Hills.

Now the white mans' 
Wood Mountain, Saskatchewan,
a spirit pure as rocks, he holds
buffalo at their necks
touching his eyes to theirs
caressing the vibrating muscle
measuring the moment of return
to the red mud.

He shapes the mud black night
and sees a vision - 
white men-

from Wood Mountain
to Little Big Horse
the home of the sacred.

Thathanka Iyothanka
grasps the black red-eyed buffalo,
his pupils as small as he is old,
eating the clean meat,
reunited in mud,
wandering the sky,
the new garden,

and passing his armor to
Crow Foot
his only son,

who catches the buffalo.

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