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Saturday, June 25, 2016

Michael Jackson has died on June 25, 2009 . . . .

Christal Cooper

*Poetry The Giving Tree copyright by Christal Rice Cooper

The Giving Tree

He is shiny like an angel,
more shiny than the oil
Samuel poured over David’s head.

His skin the color of the deep dark soil,
covering the deeply buried roots
of the oak tree he christened
The Giving Tree.

He is now Peter Pan in a man’s body,
climbing The Giving Tree,
cuddling in the branches,
writing words, waiting for God
to create the music he sings to.

Mother tells him she named him
after God’s favorite angel.
She says, “When you sing,
you sound more glorious than an angel.”

He was not angelic enough for Father Joseph who was 
in wrath against him,
because he sang too low or too high.
Father Joseph made him stand,
poured baby oil all over his body,
and refused to spare the rod,
hammered him with the refrigerator cord.
He heard Mother plead for Father Joseph to stop,
before it was too late,
and Father Joseph sacrificed him,
like the pagans used to do.

Now trapped in a man’s body
that could not function;
though he had the teenager’s heart,
falling in love, not with Wendy,
but Tatum, Brooke, Lisa;
the three corners of his four-corner world;
one corner always missing,

forever playing hide and seek,
a game that any child would laugh at,
but he never laughed,
because he never found,

only himself looking in the mirror,
seeing Father Joseph, 
so afraid he’d vomit the sweet potion of fruitful hatred,
within the bounds of tormenting love,
wanting to be as different
from Father Joseph
as possible.

He spent millions to have
Skin so white, divine as doves,
Hair so black, erotic as Solomon;
The King Of Rock and Roll’s Son;
Now the King Of Pop Himself.

His shadow forever missing
from Father Joseph’s s view;
His shadow forever free
from Father Joseph’s touch,
now able to fly to Neverland
where only children and animals reside
and where he lives               
shadow, body, soul now intact                                        

bathing in moonlight,
wearing the transfigured garment,

dancing across The Giving Tree’s branches.

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