Monday, June 6, 2016

Shortly after midnight on June 5, 1968, Robert Francis Kennedy was shot by Sirhan Sirhann and died twenty-six hours later . . .

Christal Cooper

“Like Moses” originally published in gone sane by Christal Rice Cooper by River King Press.

Copyright privilege granted by Christal Rice Cooper and River King Press

In Remembrance of Robert Francis Kennedy:
Like Moses

But no stone tablets.
Shakespeare in one hand,
a rosary in the other.

Like Moses,
he fed people
Not only Israel’s twelve,
but every color,
from every place

He was the third
trinity of his family
his father, God the Father
his Brother, God the Son,
he, God the Holy Ghost
the only Holy one

like Moses
He climbed
still afraid of heights

When he descended,
the Father, and Son were
laughing with the mafia
and kissing women who weren’t their wives
He rent his clothes

like Moses did
and never befriended
the underbelly of America.

Sam didn’t like what he did
neither did Hoffa,
or the Father,
or the Son.

Like Moses, he was
the only one holy enough
to see the bush

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  1. I stayed awake for many hours and felt more loss than I thought possible. Too many then.

    1. Dear Melanie,

      Thanks so much for reading the poem and taking the time to comment. O was born a year later. My mother remembered where she was at when she found out about the assassination - she, my father, and older sister were camping in Colorado.
      Take Care