Sunday, December 11, 2016

Poem "Her Earth Now Heaven" - a conversation between Mary and Jesus.

Christal Cooper

* Poem "Her Earth Now Heaven" by Chris Rice Cooper
**Painting by Chris Rice Cooper 

Her Earth Now Heaven  

Leaning on the well’s wall
Within a moonlit manger of grass,
stone-cut by Joseph so long ago,
a teetering avalanche of stars. He asks the one

who made Him, Who made the stars?
She regards the star that executed His birth.
“a beauty so vital, a dreaming peace that passed
all understanding. “Mema, I want to hear

Who made the star.” “You already know
Who made all things.”
“Omi, tell me about My Father.” “You know
more of Abba than the Pharisees and me.”

“But Yamma, speak of Him.” Keyamma tells her Son
of Who He already knows. Memty knows
the sky has lost its stars and sees

His face where all the stars now shine.

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  1. Love This!! It's great to read something that doesn't mock the truth of Scripture's claims and pays homage to the truth that sets men free, that God became one of us, so that we can know Him, and return to His love!