Christal Ann Rice Cooper

Christal Ann Rice Cooper

Sunday, April 16, 2017

An Easter Greeting Card From Me To Jesus . . . Poem & Painting by Christal Cooper

Christal Cooper

Dear Jesus,

I first remember You,
standing over my bed
smiling at me with Your eyes.

I saw the blue of your eyes,
tasted Your sippy-cup of fruit,
heard the lullaby of Your breathing,

smelled the aroma of Your Resurrected body,
felt the warmth of Your form.
Softly and Tenderly

You outshined my
Fred Flintstone nightlight
and embraced me.

And in that twinkling of an eye
I dreamed of becoming Your bride
like Princess Cinderella . . .

then I learned the slipper of truth.
You would come back to choose
every Person who loves You,

acknowledges Your Identity.
l no longer have the fantasy
of being Your fairy tale bride.

No, now, I am a woman of 48
a wife, mother to my two sons.
I’m all grown up now; Still

You were there when I was a child.
You are here now, when I am a woman.
My Only way to Heaven.

My Only Way to touch God’s Face.
You  - no longer my Prince Charming,
My Prince of Everything.

I Love You,

*Matthew 27: 27-31
*Mark      15: 33-39
*Luke       24:  1-  8                                                               *John       14:  6  


  1. Quite lovely! Very happy you decided to post that. Your poetry is your own...I like is mine! God bless you!

  2. I love this sister. It really touched my heart