Christal Ann Rice Cooper on June 6, 2019

Christal Ann Rice Cooper on June 6, 2019
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Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Poem By Christal Cooper: If Jesus were to give HIS mother a Mother's Day present this is what I imagine HE would give her

Chris Rice Cooper 

*Image attributed to Renee Sheridan
Poem and Image Copyright by Christal Rice Cooper 

The Garment
by Christal Rice Cooper

She dips the cloth
in, out of the water

twisting the cloth,
rubbing it against itself

placing the cloth over the flat stone
protruding from the Sea of Galilee

not quite warm beneath the sun
the flow anointing the flat rock

like  oil on King David’s head
shining like silver.

He grasps the washing beetle
bludgeoning the cloth

bacteria splatter in the air, the water.
They know cleanliness comes at a price.

She clenches her teeth to silence her sobs.
She’s learned to ponder all things in her heart.

He listens to her eyes. ponders their words.
He removes the wet cloth,

gently guides her to the flat stone
kneels at her feet, baptizing the cloth

In the Father, dry
the Son, brand new
the Holy Ghost, vibrant

purple, red, and blue garment
not even angels holy enough to touch.

He grasps the garment with both hands,
and embraces His mother’s hands.