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Wednesday, March 28, 2018

In Celebration of Easter . . .

Once upon a time there was a little girl born with infected DNA.  It was so filthy to the point that even if she was perfect she still needed a cure and medicine to free her from her own contaminated DNA and from God’s punishment of being separated from Him.  God is pure and holy and cannot have contaminated DNA nearby.
Her only hope was in a Man named Jesus, the only Perfect Human Being to ever have existed.  Most say that it is Jesus’s blood that saved this little girl, but this little girl now woman disagrees.   All human beings have red blood and regardless of Jesus’s Blood Type – A, B, AB, or O – His blood would be the same blood type as His mother Mary.  Therefore it is not His blood or any bodily fluids that save- It is His DNA , His Identity, His Person that saved.
The little girl’s parents, grandparents and people at church told her about Jesus.  In fact the little girl never remembers a moment in her life where Jesus wasn’t a part of her thoughts.  When she was 10 or 11 years old she told Jesus that she believed He was the Only Son of God, and thanked Him for dying for her and for coming back to life for her.  She told Him she wanted to love Him more than anything; that she wanted to talk to Him every single day; that she would try to figure out what He wanted her to do; and that she wanted Him to be her Hero, Her Savior, Her Lord.  Nothing special happened when she said this prayer: the waters didn’t part; the thunder didn’t roar of His voice; the lightning didn’t reveal His eyes; and she didn’t witness any miracles.   But she still believed and she knew He was real and that He did answer her prayer just like she knew the sky was blue and the grass was green.  And they would continue to have fantastic conversations, especially when she looked in the mirror and saw the white dress He made for her – she was now His Princess Cinderella.
She always knew that becoming a Christian had nothing to do with being baptized.  She was already a Christian and therefore the moment she became a Christian she believed that the Holy Spirit resided in her own spirit.  Sort of like the demon in The Exorcist – which she watched as a little girl; except The Holy Spirit was never evil; never forced Himself on her; He never shrieked and caused her to be terrified; and He viewed her as a friend and not someone to possess but someone to guide, protect, and reveal.
When she is in the sixth grade she reads all the articles about the future Princess Diana.  She and her mother are smitten by the supposedly love story of Princess Diana and Prince Charles and think one day she will make not only a beautiful Princess but a beautiful Queen.  It is around this time that she realizes that she is Jesus’s Princess – His sister – she and Jesus share the same royalty bloodline, the same royalty DNA.  Purple is never her favorite color but she always thinks of Purple as the color of a gown she would wear at her queen coronation.  As she grows into a woman she knows the color purple has nothing to do with royalty – it is Jesus’s DNA that is full of God-royalty – and that makes her royalty as well. 
She is now the green chrysanthemum not the kind John Steinbeck talked about in his short story The Chrysanthemums – and she is not the unhappy woman in the short story The Chrysanthemums – she is fruitful and as fragrant and as beautiful as the green chrysanthemum; her petals growing more beautiful, stronger with each passing day.  What makes her green and beautiful and full of growth is not the sun, the rain, the soil or Miracle Grow – but her learning to love Jesus Christ more deeply, her learning to love God the Father more urgently, her learning to listen to the Holy Spirit within her – and all with each passing day, each passing season.
            Until the end of her physical life on earth to the beginning of eternity of her life with Christ in Heaven in all of His fullness, she is finally able to connect with Him with more senses then she physically and humanely thought possible.  She as a little girl and a woman and soon a middle aged woman likes to view the gold of Heaven not as the sun – but the moon – just enough light for her to see His face

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