Monday, October 17, 2016

EULOGY POEM for LYLE COOPER by Christal Rice Cooper

Christal Cooper

Poem attributed to Christal Rice Cooper
Copyright granted by Carole Cooper and Christal Rice Cooper


In Remembrance of Lyle Cooper
03/16/1943 – 10/08/2016

We are driving from Illinois
to Michigan, now in Indiana

The sky is deep violet on the verge of rain,
unlike Dad Cooper’s vivid blue eyes

full of clarity, and twinkling
but there is no storm.

It makes me think of Michigan weather
that Dad Cooper would describe to me

we see things that aren’t there
we don’t see things that are there.

He said:  “God has the infinite mind.
We have the finite mind.”

I sense something from above.
Is it my imagination?  I can’t tell

But I feel there is a message
Just for me, just for us

Still I feel restless, yet excited
like I’m on the cusp of a new encounter

of what Dad Cooper is experiencing
The enveloping of the Holy Spirit

The revealing of God’s face  
The caress of His Nail Scared Wrist.

Then I realize Dad Cooper’s not sending us a message.
He’s too busy living like he’s never lived before

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