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Documentary Film Maker Sheri Wright Speaks:
Life, Purpose, and Tracking Fire

When I first began doing research on the Up-Stairs Lounge Fire, I had no idea of the journey and life-altering experiences waiting before me. I knew something would change. I just didn't know that the attachments I've held onto for years would be willingly stripped away to make room for more important things.

I have given up much of the armor I thought I needed, in order to speak from the heart to people who needed to know that somebody cared about their friends who died tragically so many years ago.  I have let go of my own need for approval in order to talk on behalf of those who cannot, put aside anger and taken action to address a need for something much bigger than myself.

And recently, I have let go of many material things in order to raise funds for this film. I did so gladly. It was one of the most liberating experiences I've ever had. Not only did it reaffirm my commitment to making Tracking Fire, I feel that I am allowing space for something more personally and spiritually sustaining. What better gift to ourselves and to share with others?  I still have lots of rocks, books, DVD’s, CD’s, and prints of my photography available.  People can message me via my website or Facebook page.

The time fast approaches for on-location filming to begin in New Orleans. We hit the road November 8th. The crew and I are very excited to begin the next step of the journey, although it will certainly be intensely emotional for everyone involved.  The more I spoke with those who were directly affected by the fire, those who lost loved ones and endured no form of justice and closure given to so many lives horrifically cut away, I was struck with the reality of the tragedy.

It's one thing to do research on a terrible event, and quite another to speak with people who were there and experienced deep trauma, loss and injustice.  I truly began to understand the amount of responsibility that I had taken on with telling their story. And I do mean THEIR story. This film is not mine. It belongs to the people who were there that night at The Up-Stairs Lounge who lost their lives, their friends, lovers, brothers and sister.
It belongs to our community, your community.


Photo 1, 9, 16, 
Sheri Wright.  Copyright by Sheri Wright.

Photo 2.
Film’s poster.  Copyright by Sheri Wright.

Photo 3.
Deerskin dress – sold.

Photo 4.
Fluorite – sold.

Photo 5.
Dan Rhema painting - sold (have two more for sale);

Photo 6.
Laguna agate - sold;

Photo 7.
Tourmaline -sold.

Photo 8.
Cave bear tooth- sold

Photo 10.
Masonic Templar antique coat - available;

Photo 11.
Mimetite (yellow/black stone)- available.

Photo 12.
Image by Sheri Wright.  Copyright by Sheri Wright.

Photo 13.
The Essentials (image of boot and gas can) by Sheri Wright.  Copyright by Sheri Wright.

Photo 14.
Pensive (image of gorilla) by Sheri Wright.  Copyright by Sheri Wright.

Photo 15.
Jacket cover of Sheri Wright’s book of poetry The Feast of Erasure.  Scribblings and Such Press ( and available on Amazon at (

Photo 17.
Patrons of the Up-Stairs Lounge.  Copyright by Sheri Wright.

Photo 18.
Reverend Bill Larson, fire victim.  Copyright by Sheri Wright.

Photo 19.
Fire victim.  Copyright by Sheri Wright.

Photo 20.
Reggie Adams, fire victim  Copyright by Sheri Wright.

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