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Paul Szlosek’s “A History of Hardtack (in One Sentence)” is #266 in the never-ending series called BACKSTORY OF THE POEM

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*** Paul Szlosek’s “A History of Hardtack (in One Sentence)” is #266 in the never-ending series called BACKSTORY OF THE POEM where the Chris Rice Cooper Blog (CRC) focuses on one specific poem and how the poet wrote that specific poem.  All BACKSTORY OF THE POEM links are at the end of this piece. (Right: Paul Szlosek in February of 2021.  Copyright by Paul Szlosek)

Can you go through the step-by-step process of writing this poem from the moment the idea was first conceived in your brain until final form? The origin of this poem is a bit unusual, being an odd and unexpected byproduct of the 'A Tale of Two Cities' poetry project which I participated in at the beginning of 2018. 

The brainchild of Nina Lewis (Left) (at that time the Poet Laureate of Worcester, England), the AToTC project was a ‘call & response' in which poets from Worcester, England were partnered via email with poets from Worcester, Massachusetts (where I live) with each poet sending an unpublished poem and the other writing a poem in response to it. 

I was paired with Claire Walker (Right), a lyrical poet who sent me a wonderful poem entitled "Like a Lover" which was about the lifelong relationship certain people form with the sea. 

Being a committed landlubber and raised on a farm, inspired me to write "The Sons and Daughters of Farmers" which in contrast explored the undying bond that some have with the earth and soil.

The problem was that I suspected that my poem might have ended up too close to Claire’s, even derivative, finding myself unconsciously imitating her writing style as well as lifting her metaphor of the lover.   

So I felt I needed to write another poem as an alternative, one with a sea theme that was further away from hers and in my own distinctive style. I actually don't feel much connection to the sea myself, so I was looking for an offbeat, novel way to approach the subject. The only thing I could come up with was that throughout the years I have developed a weird fascination with hardtack, the traditional staple in the diet of seafarers. I already had some basic knowledge, but I did more extensive research online before starting to compose the poem. (Left: A group photo with friends above the Atlantic Ocean on top of Cadillac Mountain in Acadia National Park in Maine taken sometime in the mid to late 1980s (Paul is the one in the red jacket).

Also just a few weeks earlier, I saw poet Tony Brown at a local poetry reading introduce his own poem by saying it was written as one long rambling sentence.  He did this while he was performing with his three-man band The Duende Project who often accompany him while he recites poetry. 

So it occurred to me that technique might work well with this poem. The first two-thirds of the poem is just me reiterating what I grasped about hardtack in a hopefully entertaining and poetic way. Figuring out how to end it was a bit tricky, but I did what I feel comes naturally to most poets, and just made it all about myself. The notion of having the audacity of incorporating myself into the history of something I actually had nothing to do with was so pretentious, it filled me a perverse delight. 

When I was finished with it, I sent it on to Claire, but we both eventually decided that the first poem was a much better pairing with hers, so that poem served as my official entry in the AToTC project, and this poem became a mere leftover which I didn't know what to do with. 

Where were you when you started to actually write the poem?  And please describe the place in great detail. I have to first explain that I tend to create most of my poetry in a rather unconventional and eccentric way. It is usually composed solely within my head in a linear fashion, line by line. I keep repeating a line in my mind until I am completely satisfied, then go on to next one, and so on and so on. By the time, I first type it up, the poem is already in its totally finished, completely polished form. 

My favorite time to compose poetry is while walking, so this poem was started and almost completely created along a three to four-mile stretch of Park Avenue in Worcester, MA which is also Route Nine.  (Above Left and Right) It is your typical urban thoroughfare lined with bars, fast food restaurants, used car lots, etc. with rather heavy traffic, and sidewalks which are cracked and dirty.

What month and year did you start writing this poem? January 2018 (Right. Copyright by paul Szlosek)

How many drafts of this poem did you write before going to the final? (And can you share a photograph of your rough drafts with pen markings on it?) Because of the way I work, there were no written drafts, just the finished poem.

What do you want readers of this poem to take from this poem? Nothing profound. Hopefully, they will be somewhat amused and entertained, and maybe even learn something about a subject that they previously didn't know much about.

Which part of the poem was the most emotional of you to write and why? The last third. The ferry-crossing described is a collage of different incidents in my life. The trip to Georges Island is a fond even delightful memory for me. I didn't get seasick that time, but on another boat few years earlier. The bit about soda crackers and flat cola is a remedy for nausea from my childhood. Delving into my past in order to create that scene, of course, did spur an emotional response in me like most reminiscing does. (Left: Paul as a child.  Copyright by Paul Szlosek)

Has this poem been published before?  And if so where? Surprisingly, yes. At first, I didn't think I'd be able to do anything with this poem, but I read it at an open mic at a local coffeehouse, and the response was tremendous. So later when submitting poems to Silkworm 12 in 2019 (which theme was Survival), I added it as a lark with two other poems that I thought had a much better chance of being accepted. Shockingly, "The History of Hardtack (in One Sentence)" was the one they chose to publish. 

Anything you would like to add? Thank you so much, Christal, for letting me be a part of this wonderful series. 

A History of Hardtack (in One Sentence)

Centuries ago, twice, thrice, or quadruple baked

rock-like slabs of flour, water, and sometimes salt

known as hardtack, brewis, pilot bread, sea biscuits,

ship’s crackers, (or disparagingly) sheet iron, molar breakers

and worm castles filled the holds of most seafaring vessels

(along with daily rations of beer or rum), sustaining

royal sailors and merchant mariners, pirates and privateers,

whalers and fishermen, sea dogs and old salts,

the hardiest of men, who endured perilous ocean voyages

lasting multiple fortnights crossing the Atlantic

and Pacific through squalls and dead calm,

while I now stand rubber-legged on the bow of a ferry,

clutching a wax paper sleeve of their frail descendants,

unsalted saltines, which I nibble as I sip from a can of flat Coke

in an attempt to quell a tsunami of queasiness in my stomach,

praying to both Neptune and Nabisco that I be allowed

to survive this hour-long excursion across the bay

from Boston Harbor to George’s Island.

Paul Szlosek, (Left with Captain in November of 2020) who has been writing poetry since the age of five, is a poet currently residing in Worcester, Massachusetts. In 1995, he co-founded the long-running Poet’s Parlor poetry reading which he hosted for thirteen years, first in nearby Sturbridge, and then later in his original hometown of Southbridge, MA.. A past recipient of the Jacob Knight Award for Poetry, and more recently the third-place winner of the 2020 Frank O'Hara Prize, his poems have appeared in numerous publications including the Worcester Review, Worcester Magazine, Sahara, Concrete Wolf, Silkworm,  Molecule, Little Grand, Star*Line, and Diner. He’s probably best known in the Worcester poetry community for his fanatical obsession with obscure poetry forms, and has invented his own including the ziggurat, the streetbeatina, and the hodgenelle which he regularly shares on his blog Paul’s Poetry Playground @ In 2019, Paul co-founded and co-hosted The Poetorium at Starlite Reading & Open Mic Series, which until the pandemic began, was held the last Tuesday of the month at the Starlite Bar & Galley in Southbridge, MA, but now has metaphormosed into a unique monthly online poetry journal in the form of transcripts of imaginary poetry readings called "The Virtual Poetorium" which can be read on the Poetorium website @

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January 20, 2021
“In That Good Time”
by Kyla Houbolt 

#236 Backstory of the Poem
January 22, 2021
“Epilogue: 10 Years Later”
by Lannie Stabile 

#237 Backstory of the Poem
January 23, 2021
“Awards Season”
by Maija Haavisto 

#238 Backstory of the Poem
January 24, 2021
by Luanne Castle 

#239 Backstory of the Poem
January 25, 2021
by Caroline Smith 

#240 Backstory of the Poem
January 26, 2021
“Rain Noir”
by Lucia Orellana 

#241 Backstory of the Poem
January 27, 2021
“G the F Knows”
by Martha Silano 

#242 Backstory of the Poem
January 29, 2021
by Stacy Boe Miller 

#243 Backstory of the Poem
January 30, 2021
“To Recapture Faith”
by Ellen Austin-Li 

#244 Backstory of the Poem
February 01, 2021
“Mother’s Reply”
by Lesley Clinton 

#245 Backstory of the Poem
February 02, 2021
by Mercedes Fonseca 

#246 Backstory of the Poem
February 04, 2021
“In The Beginning”
by Dr. M. Rather Jr 

#247 Backstory of the Poem
February 05, 2021
“Beasts and Creeping Things”
by Jessica L. Walsh 

#248 Backstory of the Poem
February 10, 2021
“California Feelin”
by Daniel Wright 

#249 Backstory of the Poem
February 14, 2021
“Your Room – Sky High”
by Deana Nantz 

#250 Backstory of the Poem
February 15, 2021
“It’s Complicated”
by Rose Skye 

#251 Backstory of the Poem
February 17, 2021
by Will Justice Drake 

#252  Backstory of the Poem
February 18, 2021
by Patricia Osborne 

#253 Backstory of the Poem
February 19, 2021
by Kelly Van Nelson 

#254 Backstory of the Poem
February 20,  2021
“Duke Ellington, Live at the Aquacade”
by Ryan A Black 

#255 Backstory of the Poem
February 21, 2021
“The Shuttlecock In Myself”
by Aditya Shankar 

#256 Backstory of the Poem
February 22, 2021
“Fractured Planes: An Empty Defense Mechanism”
by Shareen K. Murayama 

#257 Backstory of the Poem
February 24, 2021
by Carl Porten 

#258 Backstory of the Poem
March 03, 2021
“My Stranger”
by Maria Taylor 

#259 Backstory of the Poem
March 04, 2021
by Christie Williamson 

#260 Backstory of the Poem
March 06, 2021
“The Law of Thermodynamics”
by Adam Ai 

#261 Backstory of the Poem
March 07, 2021
“Dad’s Plot”
by Ellie Rees 

#262 Backstory of the Poem
March 08, 2021
by Shey Marque 

#263 Backstory of the Poem
March 13, 2021
“Suite Ending with the Middle School Symphony Orchestra”
by Erin Malone 

#264 Backstory of the Poem
March 14, 2021 
“Swan Dive”
by Todd Franklin Osborn

#265 Backstory of the Poem
March 15, 2021
“There Must Be Other Words For Cry”
by Lynn Valentine 

#266 Backstory of the Poem
March 19, 2021
“A History of Hardtack ( in one sentence)
by Paul Szlosek 

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