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World Renowned Photographer David Rubin In the "VISIONS" Exhibit in Dallas, Texas

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David Rubin:
A Taste of Paris In Images  

       Dallas based photographer and world traveler David Rubin, 58, is having his work displayed in an exhibit titled Visions at the Zhen Music and Art Institute, in Dallas, Texas from now through January 31st.

       The Zhen Music and Art Institute ( is owned by Zhen Wu and Summi Goodwin-Wu, and sponsors two exhibits per year in addition to teaching painting, pottery and music classes.

       Rubin’s photographs were first shown at the Naissance exhibit at the Zhen Music and Art Institute in 2013.  Most of his photographs were images he took while traveling in France, Italy, and China.

       “It was a pretty successful show.  Last year we opened on December 5th, which was the night the ice storm came in and  totally paralyzed Dallas. Most of the city lost power for 12 to 36 hours afterwards,; and we still had 150 people show up at our show that night.  It was my first time to sell work in a gallery setting.  The true judge of an artist’s work is if people will buy it.  It was well received and I sold 50 pieces over the next couple of months.  The success of that show led to Visions this year.”

       Having worked in the menswear retail business for over 30 years, Rubin calls on the tools he learned when preparing for an exhibition. 
       “In photography I like doing candid shots of people in black and white. However, people are hesitant to buy pictures of “strangers” to hang on their walls.  Those sell more for books.  When I shoot black and white street scenes, I make the people part of the scene, not the whole image.  It tells a story and people seem to gravitate to that.  It is how I manage to balance the artistic side with a more practical side of knowing what might sell.
It’s like in retail – you see things that you like when you go to the marketplace and you see things that you can sell and they are not necessarily the same thing. 

       The first thing Rubin decided is that the Visions exhibit needed to be different from the Naissance Exhibit, and not simply a different version of the same show he did last year.

       “One of my most popular prints (from the Naissance Exhibit) was one of a bicyclist traveling down a path in the Tuilleries  Gardens.  I sold several of that image.  I didn’t want to have another bicyclist and I didn’t want to have another row of trees.  When you do photography everybody gets better.  That’s why I didn’t want to go back I wanted to go forward.”

       He flew to Paris and stayed for 6 days where he met with other photographers. Spending an afternoon with a street photographer resulted in Rubin’s image “Mystery Under The Arches” which will be part of the exhibit.
       “A lady peeked around a column and I quickly took the shot. You only have a couple of seconds to capture the image and you have to be ready.”

       When he came back to Dallas, he had over 2500 images, but most of the work had yet to be done.
“There is just as much work if not more on the image after it is shot.   When you are doing artistic or fine art photography or street photography you have to get a good shot but there are lots of things that go into it afterwards.  I wanted to look for different ways to make the images I take different more exciting.”

       Making the images more exciting required work using different editing software, where he deconstructed and then reconstructed the image so the photo looks like it purports to be, while at the same time, it looks quite different different.
       “Some of the photographs look like paintings.  I do not use paint software in Photoshop. In fact, very little Photoshop goes into these image, unless I need to “remove” something or change the image sizing.”      
       Once the photo is completed Rubin chooses from 10 different labs to print, depending on the materials.  For this show his preference was aluminum, which makes the image pop, and tends to resist fading unless under direct sunlight.  

       All of the images for the Visions show were shot in France this past year.  Initially, Rubin thought he would have a Paris theme, but, instead, has an eclectic mix of street photography, fine art photography, and landscape.  Some of the images are of the Eiffel Tower, some street scenes, and interesting faces in a crowd.

       Rubin doesn’t take all of the credit for his work, but gives a lot credit to Zhen Wu.
       “I couldn’t have asked for a better partner than Zhen. He really promotes the artists and takes care of them. I was very fortunate that he happened to like my stuff.”

       There are a total of over 100 images on display; one of which is a polyptic:  four of the same image with different treatments at a size of 30 x 96 “, which he plans to sell as one piece.
       There are also traditional black and white shots on both metal and paper. Some are framed and some are sleeved so the patrons can choose their own method of framing.
       You spend less up front but it adds up and you have to be more cautious, but people are coming to look (at my work) so it’s got to be right.”      

       Rubin shoots with a Canon 6D and no matter how successful he is in his different types of photography, his first love is photographing people in black and white.
      “It’s what brought me to the dance,” he quips

Photo Description and Copyright Information

David Rubin
Copyright granted by David Rubin

Postcard of the Visions exhibit

Zhen Art & Music Gallery sign
Copyright granted by Zhen Wu and Summi Goodwin-Wu

Image of Zhen Wu and Summi Goodwin-Wu at the "Visions"  exhibit opening night.
Copyright granted by Zhen Wu and Summi Goodwin-Wu

(front) Postcard for the Naissance exhibit

(back) Postcard for the Naissance exhibit

(front) Postcard for Visions exhibit

Advertisement for Naissance exhibit

Visions advertisement at the Zhen Art & Music Gallery 

Image of the bicyclist in Tuilleries Gardens
Copyright granted by David Rubin

Mystery Under The Arches
Copyright granted by David Rubin

Lizzie Bailey, David Rubin, and Zhen Wu during the opening night at the Visions Exhibit

Postcard for Visions exhibit

Eiffel Tower image
Copyright granted by David Rubin

Zhen Wu
Copyright granted by Zhen Wu

David Rubin
Copyright granted by David Rubin

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