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Sabine Chennault's Books Making A Difference

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Sabine Chennault’s
“Leap Of Faith”

         Sabina Chennault always had the desire to be a writer, ever since she was a little girl living in a small and friendly village in Germany called Herborn, about 50 miles north of Frankfurt.

“I have always loved to write.   When I was in school the teachers used to complain that I would write way too much on open-ended stories.  I think I never managed less than 30 pages.”     

         While raising a family, working in the work force, Sabine continued to dream of being a writer, and was constantly being told that her writing dream would never come true.  Her response was to enroll in a writing class in 2008.  It was during one of her on-line writing classes that her novel “A Leap Of Faith” was conceived.  The assignment was for her to choose only five of twenty words to build a story.

I chose tree, faith, teenager, conflict, and red.  I turned in the story and my instructor told me that I needed to turn that into a chapter book and submit it for publication. I did.  The ideas were in my head and they just had to come out on paper.”

In “A Leap Of Faith” a Pixie teenager named Faith and a human teenager named Sam meet and develop a strong friendship despite their differences. 

“Both strongly believe that cultures can live in harmony and help each other but because of preconceived notions their families won’t agree.  Through persistence and strong motivation they both make their point.” 

Her writing adventure soon included her daughter Samantha, who did all the illustrations of the book “A Leap of Faith.”  Eight months later she had the book in her hands.

With her newfound identity as a writer she continues to write prolifically, and her inspiration in writing has grown since she moved from Arizona to Washington State in September 2013.  It is in the Pacific Northwest’s rainy season she is at her most creative.   

         “I really work best on cloudy, rainy days, and I get plenty of them up here.”

Sabine also finds that if she has a well-balanced structure she tends to write more and more effectively.  She gets up every morning by at least 6 a.m.; feeds her puppies, lets them out of the house, prepares her husband’s breakfasts, lunches, and snacks; cleans the dishes; makes the beds; does marathon training; lets the puppies in for naps; and showers.  It is only then, finally, she is able to write – and she writes for at least three hours.  

When she writes at home her inspiration is what she sees outside of her window:  the trees, morning fog, busy bees, birds, and the dogs playing.

  She usually goes to the local Starbucks to write, where she finds most of her inspiration.

“It’s an awesome place to write, even though it can be noisy, that doesn’t bother me at all.  I can write and watch people.  Doing that has actually given me ideas for various characters.

The sequel “Sam and the Pixie – Finding Faith” is much more deeper than the first book, and features her daughter Samantha as the cover model for the jacket cover.

“One of the oldest Pixies isn't happy with the connection to humans and has horrible plans to stop the connection from taking hold. It carries a message for believing in your own beauty and not falling prey to what our society has claimed as beauty.”

The book is making positive impacts in many places, especially at a high school in California where former school counselor Janet had nothing but the best to say about the impact of the book on her students.  Here is an excerpt from the review she wrote:

“Many of the students I have live in a chaotic urban world of dysfunction... not all, but the majority do. Ms. Goldman's latest book “Sam and the Pixie:  Finding Faith” has sparked conversations with students who have never talked about what goes on in their own world. After reading this book they open up about feeling lonely, feeling like an outcast from their own family. They begin to understand what it means to have friends from outside their culture or "Neighborhood borders", and it's OK to do so. And they are sharing their dreams and the paths they need to follow to get there.”


Photo 1
Sabine G Chennault. 
Copyright granted by Sabine G Chennault.

Photo 2
Sabine in the fall of 1962 being held by her Uncle.
Copyright granted by Sabine G Chennault

Photo 3
Sabine on her first day of school, wearing a dress her mother made for her for the occasion.
Copyright granted by Sabine G Chennault.
Photo 4
Sabine with her children (from left to right) Jennifer, Jesse, and Samantha.
May of 2008
Copyright granted by Sabine G Chennault.

Photo 5
Image of chapter 5 from “A Leap of Faith”

Photo 6
Image of the Table of Contents from “A Leap of Faith”

Photo 7
Jacket cover of “A Leap of Faith” kindle edition

Photo 8
Sabine holding “A Leap of Faith”
Copyright granted by Sabine G Chennault.
Photo 9
Mountain Hood just before a heavy rain.
Attributed to Sabine G Chennault
Copyright granted by Sabine G Chennault.

Photo 11
Sabine with her puppies in February of 2014.
Copyright granted by Sabine G Chennault.

Photo 12
Sabine, husband Lance, with their puppies on February 23, 2014.
Copyright granted by Sabine G Chennault.

Photo 13
One of the many views from Sabine’s window.
Attributed to Sabine G Chennault
Copyright granted by Sabine G Chennault.

Photo 14
Samantha and Sabine on Sabine wedding day, April 20, 2013.
Copyright granted by Sabine G Chennault.

Photo 15
Front Jacket cover of “Sam and Pixie – Finding Faith”

Photo 16
Back jacket cover of ““Sam and Pixie – Finding Faith”

Photo 17
Box full of copies of “Sam and Pixie – Finding Faith”
Copyright granted by Sabine G Chennault.

Photo 18
Sabine and Lance at Arch Cape Beach on March 15, 2014.
Copyright granted by Sabine G Chennault.

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