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#003 Inside the Emotion of Fiction "Exodus Arcon" by Janice Seagraves.

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***Janice Seagraves’s Exodus Arcon is the third in a never-ending series called INSIDE THE EMOTION OF FICTION where the Chris Rice Cooper Blog (CRC) focuses on one specific excerpt from a fiction genre and how that fiction writer wrote that specific excerpt.  All INSIDE THE EMOTION OF FICTION links are at the end of this piece. 

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Name of fiction work? And were there other names you considered that you would like to share with us?  I have a mini-series that leads into a larger body of work: Exodus Arcon book one (there will be three books in total), which leads into my Chronicles of Arcon series: Alien Heart Book One.

Fiction genre? Ex science fiction, short story, novella, romance, drama, plays, crime etc. And how many pages long?  Science fiction romance.

Has this been published? And it is totally fine if the answer is no. If yes, what publisher and what publication date?  Yes. You’ll find Exodus Arcon and Alien Heart both on Amazon.

What is the date you began writing this piece of fiction and the date when you completely finished the piece of fiction?  Oh, lets see 2009. I think. It was finished three to five years ago. Sometimes writing takes as long as it takes.

Where did you do most of your writing for this fiction work? And please describe in detail. And can you please include a photo?   I’m assuming you mean do I have an office? Yes, I did. I had to give my office to my mother when we moved her in, so now my office is in my bedroom. My desk is right next to my bed. It’s a large room so I’m wedged in my office and I’m doing fine so far.

What were your writing habits while writing this work- did you drink something as you wrote, listen to music, write in pen and paper, directly on laptop; specific time of day?   I have a desktop computer that I currently write on. And I have to have silence in order to concentrate. I can write all during the day. Oh, writers have to wrap their hands around something warm while they write, so I drink tea.

What is the summary of your fiction work?   I write out of this world stories to leave you breathless.

Exodus Arcon Summary: With their planet about to be destroyed by solar storms, the inhabitants of planet Arcon need to leave. They build three big spaceships to cross the stellar reaches of space. Only their government and the most gifted people can come. Everyone else has to take their chances with the lottery.
But one family cheats.
Aziza must pretend her consort’s brothers are her mates. Because Arcon justice is harsh and swift, the brothers must never reveal to anyone that they aren’t truly mated.
Please include excerpt and include page numbers as reference. The excerpt can be as short or as long as you prefer.   Exodus Arcon Excerpt: Paz picked his way through the scattered toys. Like most young, unmated males, his long white-and-green hair trailed down his back. Finally making it to Keefe, he gave him a hug.

Keefe looked down him. “How are you, youngling?”

“Great! After my school examinations, my instructors told me I will be a scientist.” A proud smile lit his face.

“That’s wonderful, Paz.” Keefe returned returned the smile, but pressure built in his chest. He and Aziza had come to find out if his mother would be joining them. If she didn’t go, his little brother wouldn’t either. Unfortunately, that would mean Paz would have no chance at a future at all.

“I’ve been learning about Earth. Did you know they have five fingers and five toes, instead of four as we do?”

He waved his four-fingered hand then wrinkled his nose. “Creepy.”

“Keefe, my offspring, you have no greeting for your maternal unit?” Ynyr asked.

“My apologies, Ynyr.”

He approached his mother, careful of the tubes that kept her alive, and embraced her. Then he gently kissed her withered cheek. “How is the most gorgeous female in the galaxy?”

“Flatterer,” she scolded and fluffed her almost-white ponytail. Her lavender hair color was nearly gone, an indication of illness. But she had been considered a great beauty in her youth, and the males in her family continued to treat her as if she still were.

“I have to ask your mate something. Go stand by Neron.” She shooed Keefe away.

He obediently joined the youngest of his three paternal units and gripped forearms with him. “What’s this about?”

“Ynyr will be asking something extremely hard of your mate. So, please be supportive of your maternal unit.”


Neron’s expression became serious. “It’s important for the survival of our family line, my son.”

Can you give the reader just enough information for them to understand what is going on in the excerpt?   Keefe and his mate Aziza have come to Keefe’s parents’ home to see if his mother will be coming with them on one of the three big colony ships that will be heading to Earth.

Why is this excerpt so emotional for you? And can you describe your own emotional experience of writing this specific excerpt?   The Arcons are a dying race. They need to go to Earth to set up a colony. They see Earth as they’re new home and the only way they can survive.

Anything you would like to add?   Yes, I write in verity of romance genres maybe there’s something that I’ve wrote you might enjoy reading? Please check my books out at the above links.

Other works you have published?
Windswept Shores books one and two (contemporary romance)

Matrix Crystal Hunters Books one through four (science fiction 

Alien Heart (Chronicles of Arcon Book 1) (science fiction 

Exodus Arcon: Prelude to Book 1 Alien Heart: Chronicles of Arcon (science fiction romance)

Year of the Cat (a paranormal romance)

Contact link for you?   You can find me on my website:

Janice Seagraves grew up with a deep love of science fiction and adventure stories. Always the consummate artist, she traded in her paint brush for a desktop to write breathless life-affirming novels that celebrate enduring love.


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