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#73 Backstory of the Poem "Make Me A Butterfly" by Amy Barbera

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073 Backstory of the Poem
“Make Me A Butterfly”
by Amy Barbera

Can you go through the step-by-step process of writing a song from the moment the idea was first conceived in your brain until final form?
The process of creating my song “Make Me A Butterfly” was God inspired and came effortlessly.  I was sitting in the office of one of my old jobs .. It was a very peaceful office environment and I had some down time with nothing to do and all of sudden God spoke to my heart to research the butterfly and that is when the lyrics and vocal melody of “Make Me A Butterfly” just came to me out of know where. The vision of the song came alive so easily! 
I then went to my music producer Jim Wallman and sang my lyrics and melody ideas and he was able to build the music to the song around my ideas. I created “Make Me A Butterfly” to bring hope, comfort and healing to those who are hurting or sick or for those who just need some inspiration. I also created “Make Me A Butterfly” out of my own pain and my transformation as God healed me from the eating disorder Anorexia Nervosa.

What month and year did you start writing your song “Make Me A Butterfly”? I begin writing my song “Make Me A Butterfly” in the middle of 2007 and completed it and recorded the song in the studio by the end of 2007. My song was officially released on my debut album “Beautiful Flower of Life” in June of 2008. Since it’s release,  I have performed “Make Me A Butterfly” at hundreds  of events and also at my precious grandma’s funeral in December of 2007. 
Although my song “Make Me A Butterfly” was officially released online in June of 2008 my “Make Me A Butterfly” professional music video was just recently released this summer in June of 2018 exactly 10 years since the release of the song.  Although I have released so many original songs since the release of “Make Me A Butterfly” I had the amazing opportunity to create a professional music video with a wonderful team and I decided to create the video to “Make Me A Butterflysince it is considered my signature song! 

How many drafts of this song did you write before going to the final? (And can you share a photograph of your rough drafts with pen markings on it?) Well as far as the lyrics to “Make Me A Butterfly” once I wrote them, performed the song in my head, performed an acapella version of the song to my producer and then recorded the final version of the song with music the original draft of my lyrics pretty much stayed the same from beginning to end. What did change was that we added beautiful harmony vocals in after the original recording was complete. 

Once my producer Jim Wallman & I finished the song I felt like something was missing so I let my main producer Ben Bagby (Left) hear the song and told him something was missing and that is when Ben suggested that we add background vocals in the song. Ben then arranged the background vocals, I recorded them on the original recording the rest is history!

What do you want people to take from this song? I wrote “Make Me A Butterfly” from a deep place in my heart to touch others who feel like they are ready for transformation and change in their life. I wrote my special song to bring healing, comfort, hope and peace to those who are hurting or sick or for those who just need some uplifting and inspiration. I wrote my healing song to bring others closer to God! “Make Me A Butterfly” is such a universal song and can mean different things to different people.

Which part of the song was the most emotional of you to write and why?
I think the chorus of the song is the most touching and emotional part of my song….
Make Me A Butterfly
So I Can Be Renewed
Make Me A Butterfly
So I Can Dance & Soar
Make Me A Butterfly
Transform Me And Give Me Hope For Change
Make Me A Butterfy, Lord Please

Has this song been released and is it for sale? Yes my song “Make Me A Butterfly” is on my album “Beautiful Flower of Life” and there is a meditation remix of it on my second album “Breath of Angels.”  There is also an epic dance remix of “Make Me A Butterfly” as well.  The original version of “Make Me A Butterfly” and the meditation and dance remix of the song are available in a physical CD/digital download format on CD Baby, Amazon, itunes, Spotify & more.
Here are the links to my song “Make Me A Butterfly” & my other music as well
Links to my Music & Albums "Breath of Angels" & "Beautiful Flower of Life"

CD Baby- Healing Meditation Album "Breath of Angels"
CD Baby- Album "Beautiful Flower of Life"

Amazon- Healing Meditation CD "Breath of Angels"

Here are my “Make Me A Butterfly” song lyrics
Lyrics & Melody By: Amy Barbera
Music By: Jim Wallman
Copyright Amy Barbera & Jim Wallman 2008

“Make Me A Butterfly”

Lord my soul longs to rest
From the troubles of this world, 
From my daily struggles,  my inner pain, I call you
Though I’m hanging on the edge lifeless, tired and afraid
Trapped in my own cocoon, I long to be free

Make Me A Butterfly
So I Can Be Renewed
Make Me A Butterfly
So I Can Dance & Soar
Make Me A Butterfly
Transform Me And Give Me Hope For Change
Make Me A Butterfy, Lord Please

Lord I’m slowly breaking out
From my imprisoned state
I feel your breath, I see your light
I’m near you, so near you
Divine with open wings
With beauty, strength and grace
I’m ready to fly, I long to be free

Make Me A Butterfly
So I Can Be Renewed
Make Me A Butterfly
So I Can Dance & Soar
Make Me A Butterfly
Transform Me And Give Me Hope For Change
Make Me A Butterfy, Lord Please

Without limits I will fly
Closer to you
Higher and higher

Make Me A Butterfly
So I Can Dance & Soar
Make Me A Butterfly
Transform Me And Give Me Hope For Change
Make Me A Butterfy, Lord Please

Amy Barbera has a voice so angelic and inspirational it pierces the soul; creating a deep connection between the vocalist and the listener. With each of her original songs, there lies a fusion of power and emotion. The combination of Amy's talent, voice, lyrics, and melody have come together to create a therapeutic moment for all who listen. Her timeless vocal style transcends all cultural barriers as it speaks of relationships on every level. She is one who is active in the community; reaching out to individuals who are broken in spirit. The combination of her compassion and professionalism makes her an artist worth listening to over and over again. 

Amy Barbera is more than just a blessed gift to the Inspirational genre of music, she is a godsend. Her songs are a colorful display of her deep passion, that envelops the listener in a canvas of hope and love. The absolute beauty that she delivers in her musical creations is a rich combination of the sincerity of her message and the angelic quality of her emotionally charged vocals. 
There is no doubt that she has been embraced by a higher power from above. Amy Barbera shines bright and delivers from the heart. She is destined to be recognized as one of the most sincere and passionate singer/songwriters of her time. Her compositions embrace the beauties of life and weave a glorious message to all. Amy Barbera hit a home run to heaven with her 13 song debut album "Beautiful Flower of Life" that was officially released in June 2008. Her amazing album has touched thousands around the world with God's love, hope & healing. 

In October of 2015 Amy released her second full album, a beautiful healing meditation CD titled "Breath of Angels." Amy's heavenly "Breath of Angels" healing meditation CD consists of 10 beautifully composed songs that will bring you to a place of God's rest and will touch your heart, soul & spirit with God's peace, love, comfort and healing. Amy decided to do a healing meditation album to bring comfort, healing, rest & peace to those who are feeling the stresses of life or who just need some calming music to relax with. 

In February of 2013 Amy was selected as one of the top five artists in the categories Best Singer/Songwriter & Best Pop Artist at the 2013 "Artists In Music Awards" in Los Angeles, CA. and to close out 2013, she was excited to find out that her original dance song “Walking On The Stars” made #1 on “SDC Radio Networks” top 50 music in review for all of 2013. 
In January of 2015 Amy appeared and performed her original dance song "Walking On The Stars" on Season 2 of the new TV show "Do I Have A Hit Song" filmed in Jacksonville. Florida. She was one of only 9 artists from all over the world that made it on "Do I Have A Hit Song." To end 2015 Amy found out that her newly released healing meditation album "Breath Of Angels" made #4 on the Top 100 Charts on "One World Music Radio" in the United Kingdom, out of 100's of artists from around the world.

To begin 2016 Amy found out that her newly released album "Breath of Angels" was nominated for "Best Vocal Album" for the "One World Music Radio" in the United Kingdom & her "Breath of Angels" album jumped from #4 to #3 on the "One World Music" radio charts as well. 

On June 01, 2018 Amy released her heavenly "Make Me A Butterfly" music video worldwide with amazing reviews from friends & fans as well as industry professionals alike. Very soon Amy will be releasing her cute 1940's style origina love song and music video titled "My Sweetpea." 

Amy is not just a music artist she is also a humanitarian and loves helping others. In 2012 Jonathan “JDOGG” Lederman & The American Cancer Society presented Amy with a special "Spiritual Entrepreneurs Visionary Award" for outstanding dedication to help other people excel through inspiring and empowering practices. 

Amy also received an "Humanitarian Award" from the St. Anne's Holy Name Society “Patch Awards" in New Jersey for "Project Amy" and her "God's Special Angel ” ministry work. Amy is not only a music artist but she is an entrepreneur as well. Several years ago she started a "God's Special Angel" baby and children's retail line that was inspired by her song "God's Special Angel" that she wrote for sick, special needs & orphaned children. 

She is an accomplished live performer and professionally trained session vocalist that has dedicated her time to helping others time and time again. Her charitable efforts for the less fortunate have raised money to benefit many causes. These include appearances to benefit children with cancer, accident victims, special needs children and people who are suffering from the loss of a loved one. She mesmerizes audiences with her inspirational performances every time she graces the stage. Amy is praised by many national organizations for the healing energy she has provided at her live concerts. These include American Cancer Society and the Shriner's Hospitals. Her song "God's Special Angel" has touched children from all over the world... in the USA and as far away as Uganda Africa. 

Amy is a happy, fun loving, bubbly, down to earth girl who is not afraid to open her heart to the world, to love others completely, to share her faith and her music with passion and live life to the fullest.

Official Website/Social Media Links

Amy Barbera- "Make Me A Butterfly" music video
Amy Barbera­ Official Music Website
Amy Barbera­ Facebook Fan Page
Amy Barbera­ Twitter
Amy Barbera­ You Tube
Amy Barbera Instagram


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  1. You are the BEST Chris!!!!! Thank you from my heart for doing a special feature on my "Make Me A Butterfly" song and music!! I love it so much and I LOVE your picture story layout so much too!! You are AWESOME girl! :)